Cutler and Gross

Founded in 1969, British luxury eyewear brand Cutler and Gross combines the finest Italian craftsmanship with irrefutably cool style. Since its establishment in fashion’s halcyon days, the brand’s signature creativity has been applied to sunglasses and optical frames with their trademark numbered designs and absence of an ostentatious logo.

For decades, Graham Cutler and Tony Gross’s frames relied, in part, upon their reputation being dripped and whispered within style and fashion circles like verbal quicksilver. Considered bastions of iconic eyewear, Cutler and Gross designs continue to grace many of the most recognisable faces in the worlds of art, design, music and film.



Kuboraum was founded in Berlin in the rooms of a former post office, on the border between East and West Berlin. The space that was originally converted into a gallery, immediately became the incubator for the creation of new projects.

Kuboraum are masks designed on the face of those who wear them, masks that highlight personality and emphasise character. The mask is synonymous with mockery, the game. The Kuboraum masks are synonymous with accentuation, protection and shelter. Kuboraum are like cubic rooms where we shelter ourselves, where we are free to live in our intimacy, where we live all our identities and look at the world through two lenses. Those who wear the Kuboraum mask come to life and accept the challenge to free their identities. These masks represent cubic rooms, a new dimensions where we can feel at ease, comfortable with ourselves and the world around us.


Sabine Be

Fresh, extravagant, chic, colourful, different…each of these adjectives perfectly describes glasses made by Sabine be, the eyewear brand that has become one of the most innovative and respected in the industry. Since 2014, the company has created hundreds of eye-popping spectacles, famous for their extraordinary design and ultimate quality.

Handmade in France, these glasses, as well as other products in the “be” line, are associated with both performance and style. Being passionate about design, Sabine Bégault-Vagner, the founder of the brand, successfully combines beautiful colours and fantastic shapes to create really unique and inspiring glasses.

At the heart of Sabine Be lies a simple yet powerful message: "Be yourself." The name itself is a testament to the brand's ethos, with "Be" symbolizing both the beginning of Sabine's surname and the essence of existence.


Garrett Leight

Garrett Leight California Optical was created in 2010 and is fuelled by a group of young, passionate purveyors of eyewear, dedicated to creating classic designs by combining perfect craftsmanship with timeless aesthetics.

Founded in Venice Beach and designed at their studio in the Arts District of Downtown Los Angeles, GLCO is influenced and inspired by the people, places, and stories of California. Each design incorporates the easy-going philosophy of California culture and is stamped with VC/CA 90291 as a reminder of their Venice roots.


Kirk & Kirk

The Kirk family have been pioneers in optics since Sidney and Percy Kirk realised their own optical mastery and converted an old sewing machine into a working lens cutter. In 1919, they founded Kirk Brothers and opened their first London workshops, the beginning of an optical adventure that has spanned more than a century. Three generations later, Jason and Karen Kirk built Kirk & Kirk on these strong foundations.

Kirk & Kirk design and construct their glasses the same way they do everything – with enormous attention to detail. They have developed their own acrylic, from which they create a unique colour palette, allowing them to create confident, impressive eyewear, that is light in weight and beautifully comfortable to wear. 


Non-binary person in pink shirt and suit wearing Kirk & Kirk Guy glasses in corn yellow


In 2000, Zachary Tipton hit the road to find a way to manufacture frames made from records. The first Vinylize frame was carved by hand from a 12" Creedence Clearwater Revival album and held together with cigar box hinges. In 2004 he joined forces with his brother Zoltan and they established their own factory. Today every Vinylize frame is handmade in Budapest.

The unmistakable record exterior lends strength and durability and makes every Vinylize unique. Built to last, these exclusive designs combine premium elegance with a genuine piece of music history. Simple and functional, the Italian hinges are time-tested and true.

Currently over three tons of records are processed yearly into eyewear and accessories, but Vinylize's goal remains the same: to make exceptional eyewear that speaks for itself.



Prodesign is the pioneering eyewear company founded in Aarhus, Denmark in 1973. Today, after more than 50 years in the industry, Prodesign continues to deliver fresh and dynamic eyewear concepts that combine functionality and visual expression while remaining true to their Danish design heritage.

Prodesign believe that eyewear is much more than its function. They combine a deep expertise in optics with a strong focus on design, shaping and refining every frame until the expression is just right. Their iconic collections are broad in variety, yet always unique, because working with no middle ground is their signature. Using Danish craftsmanship and design gives everyone an opportunity to truly express themselves – simply through their choice of eyewear.



Designed in Paris & Tokyo, Sauvage is nothing less than an addiction to edge.

With over 400 years of cultural exchange between France and Japan in the arts, crafts, fashion and food, they have taken the mix to a new level with eyewear. Design inspiration from the two has been utilised, welding them into a symbionic relationship of design and craftmanship.



Celestino Pagani was an international consultant for leading Italian companies in the production of cellulose acetate, and dealt personally with the main eyewear manufacturers in Germany, the Soviet Union and Asia during the 1980s and 1990s.

Pagani are handmade in Como, Italy using the finest Italian acetate. Celestino's connections with Mazzucchelli mean that many of their innovative colour combinations are unique to them. A family run business, their vision is simple: to offer a high quality product that embodies Italian style, innovation and tradition.


Maui Jim

Maui Jim started in the 1980s as a small company selling sunglasses on Ka'anapali beach in Lahaina, Maui. Seeing a need in the market for technology that could protect eyes from intense glare and harmful UV while bringing the brilliant colours of the island to life, they engineered the revolutionary PolarizedPlus2® lens.

Inspired by the beauty and culture of Maui, their mission is to spread aloha through vivid colour, clarity, and detail. For those who appreciate the sun, Maui Jim's selection of durable, lightweight polarised sunglasses provides more vibrant colours of the world while protecting your eyes from the harsh effects of glare and harmful rays.


Vintage & Antique Eyewear

We work closely with a vintage eyewear distributor who supplies antique and vintage frames dating back to the 1920s for a unique and special collection of vintage eywear. Over the years we have also curated a collection of vintage glasses and sunglasses from iconic fashion houses including Christian Dior, Yves Saint Laurent and Nina Ricci, as well as eyewear pioneers like Cazal and Rayban, which will soon be available for purchase.


1970s vintage oversized Givenchy sunglasses in pink marble zyl