Lens Finishes and Treatments

The finishes and treatments applied to your lenses will make a difference to their performance and how long they last:

  • premium anti-reflective coatings prevent lens reflections and improve clarity of vision through them. They are also designed to be hydrophobic, oleophobic and anti-static making them much easier to care for. Lens coatings such as Crizal Drive are optimised specifically for driving.
  • scratch-resistant coatings - these toughen up the lenses making them harder wearing and longer lasting. The new Crizal Sapphire HR finish is 80% stronger than Essilor's previous hardest coating
  • high energy light blocking - High Energy Light is thought to be a contributing factor in certain eye conditions such as macular degeneration and can be a factor in digital eye strain as well. Lens coatings such as Prevencia can reflect some of this light, and lens materials like Tokai's Lutina can absorb this HEV light

Sun Protection

The sun emits visible and invisible electromagnetic waves. The most harmful are UV rays. While good quality clear lenses do help, there are better options to provide UV protection.

  • We have dozens of lens tints to choose from, in classic and bold colours, including mirrored and bi-gradient options which can be paired with a rear surface, anti reflective coating that absorbs UV rather than reflecting it back into your eyes
  • Polarised lenses - these offer the same level of UV protection but also have an additional filter that reduces glare from reflected light - find out more here
  • Photochromic lenses - these lenses react in UV light and darken accordingly. Three different options are available:
    • Classic photochromic lenses react quickly in UV light to offer comfortable vision and full UV protection. Available in a variety of colours from Transitions' Signature Gen 8 to Marma's Dinamica
    • For photochromic lenses that work behind the windscreen of a car, Xtractive New Generation go darker even quicker. Also available in Style Mirrors - a fashionable lens with a mirror flash when reacted
    • Designed for wearers who want extra protection in high-glare situations, Xtractive Polarised are clear with a hint of protective tint indoors, darken in the car, get extra dark and polarise outdoors in the sun.

Lens Designs

There is a lens design to suit practically every need.

  • Anti-fatigue lenses. Also known as enhanced single vision lenses, these lenses are designed to prevent or reduce eyestrain when you’re working or socialising on digital devices.
  • Occupational lenses. These are multifocal lenses specifically designed and optomised for digital activities in a working environment.
  • Varifocals. With a wide range of varifocal products available, we only offer the best, including lenses that take into account reading behaviour, eye dominance and eye shape for seamless vision.

Thickness Reduction

There are many levels of lens thickness reduction available, and we will advise on what is your best option taking your prescription and frame selection into account. For super thin, lightweight, aesthetically pleasing lenses, we can offer high index lenses from Tokai, including a 1.76 index lens - the world's thinnest plastic lens.